Examples and Mentors

Not sure where to start?  Need someone to visit with about a great idea?   Scroll through our examples and mentors page of those who have integrated EE into their teaching.  If nothing else, you will be inspired by the great work your colleagues do here in South Dakota.

And if you are en educator who is doing EE, please share your story of what you do.  Whether it’s a short unit for kindergardeners or a semester long class for high school seniors, let your colleagues know by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

Examples and Mentors

Life Science in the Global Community: Lead, SD & Uganda
Robin Dirksen, Lead high school teacher, incorporates water quality monitoring in partnership with students from Gulu, Uganda. Read more about this exciting project at: Bridging Classrooms and CulturesWater Quality Monitoring, and Englewood Springs Monitoring.  You may contact Robin at Robin.Dirksen@k12.sd.us for more information.

Outdoor Habitat
Ross Blank-Libra of Sioux Falls Washington High School has developed a naturalized study area near his campus.

Be the example you wish to see.  

Please share how you do EE in your classroom.