EECSD and EE in SD.

The mission of EECSD has always included connecting those in the environmental education community. The scope of this community has expanded over the years. Originally, it was focused on natural resource agency outreach staff and classroom teachers. Today, environmental educators include staff of out of school time programs, volunteer leaders of youth organizations, librarians, parents among others demographic groups.

Environmental educators may have an environmental learning outcome as their mission. Or they may use environmental education to supplement and support science, geography or physical education learning outcomes.

Environmental education can take place at an event, in the classroom, in the home, or at a park.

Environmental education is a large, multi faceted, cross curricular field. Over the years it has grown into its potential. This growth is exciting, evidence of the value and importance of environmental education.

It’s also challenging.

This challenge has been exacerbated by the lack of resources which mostly can be lumped under the category of bandwidth. Time, money, and attention are limited. All of us feel the weight of how we direct them. The upshot is that connecting the environmental education community is a work that has languished.

Fortunately, new technologies such as social media allow us to stay connected at a grassroots level with minimal supporting infrastructure.

To help facilitate this connection via social media, EECSD asks EE providers in SD to tag their posts, photos, and blogs with #EEinSD.

Hashtagging allows other people to find your work without being a friend or follower first. This does feel a little bit like tossing a bottle out into the ocean, hoping someone will find it but here at EECSD we will be looking for it so we can share.

We will also be tagging our output with #EEinSD as well so you can find it as well.

You can see a sample of Facebook posts tagged #EEinSD.

Please join us!